Sunday, February 28, 2010

'Birthday Hat' for the 'Birthday Suit'

I've finally finished my 'Birthday Hat' for lil infants 'Birthday Suit'.... It's too cute!

Imagine a sweet little baby laying in his 'Birthday Suit' in his first 'Birthday hat'...Or her...and the oversized pom pom laying so delicately on his back...or over the bare tushy, or positioned on the side ever so perfectly.... and just snoozing away!
A must have for any Mom to Be, new mom, and Photographers!
I just listed the pattern on, be the first to snag it!

I'll post pics from the photograher when I get it!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sale Feb 27-28 (Sat-Sun)

If you buy this pattern Feb 27-Feb 28 (Sat-Sun) I'll give you a free pattern of your choice!

Great for photography props for all ages!
Make it in any colors! Solid color, greens/browns, pinks/whites/ Team colors...YOU NAME IT!

It's easy to make AND you don't have to know how to crochet!
Payments go through PayPal, so it's safe and secure!

My goal is 10 sales of this item!

Photography Props Pics

I have enjoyed working with several Photographers nation wide since I have started crocheting. They have sent me beautiful pictures using my items.... Thought I'd share a few for starters...

You can find all patterns at .


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I have new designs brewing in my noggin...and I'm so excited to share!

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