Monday, March 1, 2010

Inspired by the Snow

My family just went on a vacation to Gatlinburg this past week and on the third day, it began to snow and believe it or not--I haven't been around the flakes that much because I'm from North Alabama where it's wet and humid and snow goes around us and if (a BIG 'if') it does snow, it's just barely anything and NEVER sticks...sigh...So, like a big kid I stomped, ran and spun, threw snowballs and just played with my children in it for as long as we could stand the cold wetness. Over night it accumulated 4-5 inches! I was amazed at the beautiful icicles, white mountains, snow covered bench seats....everything looked SO different...and it didn't stop either! It snowed all afternoon and at times you couldn't see the other side of town! It was absolutely amazing!

Inspiration hit as I saw everything so differently....white covered everything...yes, it was winter but the freshness was so beautiful! It made me feel so excited to work on textured items..and some may look like winter--but they'll be good to have on hand!! So, I have a list of about 6-7 items 'to make' and more swimming in my head. Here's the first one I've created...Since I photographed it I've added a cute button on the band......

I'm working with a few photographers and hopefully they can capture the full excitement in the items as I felt playing in the snow.

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